I was battered.
Beaten, by sin, to an inch of life.
My mouth uttered no complaints.
I was a victim of my provocation of sin.
Yet, He healed me.
Oh love that would not let me die. 

My hands were bloodied.
My heart was hardened.
My conscience was wrenched.
Yet, He restored all.
Oh love that would not let me lose.

Here I am chained up,
A prisoner of my own actions.
Condemned to fruitless struggles.
Deserving of no mercy for I gave none to anyone.
Yet, He severed those chains.
Oh love that would not let me rot.

A wretch I was,
Leaving the abode of sweet petals.
Ran away to dwell with the pigs.
For the pig farm looked good from afar off.

Yet, He came.
Left His mansions to come pick me.
I stank, tainting His glory with my sins.
Oh love that did not care about my sin.

About falling of the ledge.
His hands came holding me tight.
I fought Him.
Kept on biting off His fingers.
Kept on pushing away His hands.
He did not let go.
That boundless love did not let go.

I merited nothing.
I squandered all my inheritance.
Still He gave me everything back and more.

Just as He called me.
He calls you too.
"Because of what I have done for you, You can start all over again"
Come one, come all. Everlasting life and victory awaits all those who believe.

okonta kosi