My loveliest queen to be.

The Muse whom my full days would be spent in continous admiration.

Let me stop with the compliments now.

For i could fill all the papayus sheets along the Nile with words and still not tire.

I thank the creator for His precious gift today.

The gift of Life,
His breath that continually sustains our clay like mortal bodies.

How are you doing my dearest?

I know those boys are still chasing you like bloodhounds on a trail.

Who won't?

With such beauty you radiate like the North star,
Wise men will want to follow.

With such graceful steps in which you move,
All would want to follow never minding the destination.

With such sweet and meek voic...

I am doing it again aren't I?

Forgive me Nwuye mm.

I wanted to tell you somethings about me Iyawo mi.

I wanted you to hear from the horses mouth Imaami.

Books upon books, you may have read up.

Seminar upon seminars you may have attended.

Burnt plates upon burnt pots, you may have stacked up.

Hours and hours of sitting you may have spent.

Sitting down under the tutelage of your mentors and mama.

All to know more about me.

Keep doing all that aponke mi.
But you can add these to them all.

*Communicate with God more Asa m*

For I am bringing in crazy baggages you will need Him to carry for you.

I am not perfect you know.
And my words will fail to heal your heart anytime I will break it.

*Gird yourself in prayerful attires aponbepore mi*

For the temptress that keeps assaulting me, now and in future, cannot be physically challenged.

*Build your character mi dear*

For no amount of sweet delicacies would mask that flaw.

*Keep a bridle on your tongue Bae*

For nothing turns me off like a woman with a loose tongue.

*I lovee Banga, nwanyi m*

So please stop perfecting your Indomie noddles.

*Ewedu and Gbegiri are my favorites too*.

So Patience would have to be an integral nature of yours.

I will stop here mon baby.

I refuse to fall into the category of them.

Who insisted on the perfect 'this and that',
And ended up disappointed because she was human after all.

*Be yourself dearie*
And Keep communing with Jesus.

Only He will transform you into my perfect queen.

You are special.
Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are unique.
God's fashioning hands perfected you before you were born.

You are priceless.
A jewel of inestimable worth and incomprehensible beauty.

And I remain yours
A man God is building to spread His words across the universe.

okonta kosi