Lady Jennifer was teaching her biology students today.

I watched from the window

*Diffusion is the movement of molecules from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration till it is evenly spread*

While savoring her teaching,
The word came.

The more intake of God's word,
The more accostumed we become  to His principles.

The more we seek Him,
The more He reveals His purpose for our lives.

Sin's corruption of the mind started as a trickle until it engulfed the whole body.

Sanctification, too starts as a trickle.

The word of God forming a small puddle,
With much rain, the puddle grows,
Transitioning to a river and a ocean.

Ultimately becoming a tsunami,
A flood too strong to be held back.

Destroying every established foundation of sin in the mind.

A mental picture flashed

My younger self emptying the contents of Nutri C into a glass of water.

The more I poured,
The more the water changed its color and taste.

I understood.

The more we seek, the more we shall find.

The more we knock, the more the door shall be opened.

The more we believed, the more we would recieve.

okonta kosi