A Holy vessel chosen by God.
Redeemed by His mighty hand from deaths claws.
Living Stones.
Rejected by the men of the world.
For they stand on the truth at all times. 

Living Stones
Desirous of the pure milk of the word.
Daily drinking the word into a stupor.
Dying daily to self will for the enthronement of God's will.

Living Stones
Terrible at keeping malice
For in their hearts resided the Spirit of love.
Their hands,
Always outstretched in good deeds.

Living Stones
Fools. People called them.
For they used a just scale to dispense their judgement.
And offered a fair price for all their goods.

Living Stones
Hypocrisy was foreign to them.
Their thoughts,
Refined with the fire of love.
Their actions,
Living definition of the word 'Love'.

Living Stones.
Envy hated them,
For they believed in Solomons maxim 'All is Vanity'.
Thus, becoming rocky soils upon which seeds of envy never grew.

They were the true chosen generation.
Called to reign in His marvelous light.

Beloved, becoming a living stone for Christ may alienate you from other people but will most definitely make you elevated by God.

okonta kosi