There she was,
Sitting at the far end of the bar
'Dressed to kill' was the popular lingo that could describe her outfit.

To the physical eye
She was alone.
To the seasoned eye,
Fiendish minions surrounded her.

To the dulled senses
She needed a companion for the night.
To the spiritual senses
She was needy for a slave for all eternity.

To the fellow club dancers
She was just another 'Hot' girl.
To her fellow minions around
She was indeed the marine queens daughter.

He approached.
Swaggering step by step to her seat.
Like a ram led to the slaughter.

*Hello baby*
*Can i have a dance with you*

Like a crafty hunter whose trap caught game.
She smiled.

She rose.
Walking on to the dance floor

Hips swinging as she perfected her rehearsed cat walk.

*Oh lawd, oh lawwwd*
He echoed,

His pulses, in rythmic vibration with each of her steps.

Eyes, transfixed upon her seductive backside.

Mind, massively devising means of sleeping with her that night.

Heart, silently offering thanks to whatever sent this 'opeke' his way.

At the dance floor,
She was on fire.
Wringing, swinging,
Going down low as her body caressed his.

He was in ecstasy
'Cloud seven' as his friends would call it.

*Can I take you to my place?*
He whispered to her eyes.

*Take me anywhere you want baby*
She cooed back.

He had won the jackpot.
Other girls charged money for the night.
This one was free.

This sugar had entered into his pap.
And no way she was going to come out of it.

He patted his pocket.

Yes...The condom was still with him.
Lord knows he was not ready to contact gonorrhea or Aids.

He drove her home.
He played every record he knew.
She danced to his every song.

The midnight clock hit.
The time had come.

Like the true queen she was,
She ascended.

Taking the poor bloke's glory with her as she descended into the depths of the sea.

Now she would play the record.
And like a puppet,
He was already condemned to dance to every tune.

The morning rays hit his face.
He rose up

A victorious grin on his face as he surveyed her body features.

He tapped her gently

Now was the time to discharge her quick.

God forbid if the girl started catching feelings and forgot that it was just  a 'one-nighter'.

She got dressed within twenty  minutes.
She exited his door some ten minutes later.

Chuckling at the devastating chords she was going to play on his destiny.

Some ten hours later
She was in another far corner
A guy approaching
She grins
*You know her endgame*

okonta kosi