Lived a man upon this earth once.

*God's general*,
A tag christians call him to this day.

Aggressively insane was his passion for lost souls.
Acutely poignant were his messages on sin.
Deep seated were his groanings for revival.

Forty thousand times,
He preached.

Upon his horseback,
Moving from place to place.

The hymn *amazing grace* on his lips.
Always in remembrance of God's unmerited grace towards his life.

For out of twenty seven brothers and sisters given birth to by his mom,
God singled him out for the evangelical revival.

The hymn *Onward Christian soldiers* his daily anthem.
Always in remembrance of Christ great commission.

For the harvest is ripened for the picking.
And he was accorded the greatest honour of being fellow Harvester with God.

Standing, Siting?
His preaching podium and posture mattered not.

Negroid, Caucasian,
All races he catered for.

Rich, Poor,
All audiences his message om Christ love for mankind reached.

Lepros, Healthy
All audiences He spread out his hands to embrace.

Forty thousand times,
He told of God's love and preached Jesus as the way to eternal life.

Traveling on Harzadous paths to reach the farthest locations.
Battling to crossover treacherous waters all to tell of God's love.

How great a passion for the cross.
How maddening a zeal to save people from damnation.

How loving a heart to engage his legs to move even when tired.
How obedient a man to heeding the call of duty.

Forty thousand times,
He preached.

Forty thousand times, He made God smile.
Forty thousand times, He made heaven rejoice.

Forty thousand times, He caused a great mourning in Hell.
Forty thousand times, He loosened the chains brought upon his listeners by sin and devils.

Forty thousand times,
God fashioned a new crown for him.

Beloved, now you know of John Weasley, a God's general. It is a clarion call to us to spread the Love of Jesus wherever we are, however we can and to all peoples through our word.
Speak His word and make God proud of you

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