The day was a Wednesday.

Ring ring
The morning bell rang at Yellow House city hall.

In a groggy formation,
All juniors marched to the front yard.
Senior Tade was the taskmaster that day.

Having identified the culprits without brooms,
He proceeded to administer our daily morning tea with the belts in his hands.

Sixtus dusted his cane ,
For we knew he always put napkin to pad his buttock.
Bobby feigned his pain,
Poor Kosi cried out in howling pain.
For a dosage of harmattan mixed with cane was never a good combination.

*From you to that boy there, sweep inside*
*Second line, sweep decking and prefect room*
*Third line, Frontage and toilet*

Duties dispatched,
We all ran to the pump.

Woe betide who was last to fetch water,
For like the foolish virgins,
They would be locked out of the dinning hall,
And their morning food consumed by early timers like Lasisi.

Having bathed and dressed in impeccable green and white,
We matched to the dining hall.

Bread and tea was the morning menu.

Bread, they called it.
More like a fist sized ball of eba which could not satisfy a six year old child.

Tea, they called it.
More like a tasteless coloured water that had the aroma of thick smoke.

With half empty stomachs,
The good students trudged to the assembly.
And the bad gang found their way into the classes and the mosque.

Who could blame them?

Apparently, Mrs Akinokun's hawk eye could easily detect a student with slippers on or without socks from a thousand kilometers away.
And her band of beautiful female prefects had no mercy in collecting the slippers.

Apparently, Mr Idowu's roaming eyes always caught talking and erring students with untucked shirts.
And his technique at wielding the cane was better than his knowledge of Intro Tech his subject.

Apparently some students smuggled out bread from the dinning hall to keep in their class lockers.
A fact, poor and hungry Kosi discovered and a point of duty to avoid assemblies, all to help them keep their bread in my belly.

Within forty minutes,
The assembly was dismissed.
Time for the hated Mathematics first period.

*Good morning class*
Our teacher echoed donning  red flowery gown today.
Swaggering in with New General Mathematics on her right hand,
And a long freshly cut cane, she borrowed from Mr Adetola, in her left hand.

Who could blame her?

With a student like me who hated the subject,
You needed the cane to drive home the subject matter.

With a student like Ajani whose second name was trouble,
You needed the cane to keep the class in check.

With a student like Fatoki Shola who kept on stealing glances at Yejide through the whole period,
And Okewale Akin who kept writing unsuccessful love letters to Bukola,
You need a cane to capture their attention.

With a student like Sebiotimo who kept on attacking the girls with rubber band and paper,
You would need the cane very much.

Like a Fervent prayer warrior,
I prayed for the period to end quick.

God answered my prayers,
For Aunty got a call from Mrs Abgoola telling her of the arrival of the fish and aso oke clothe seller.

Like the outburst following the newsbreak of Abachas death,
The whole class shouted for joy at her exit.

All except Oluwaseye,
For she was his guardian whom he dearly loved.

The other periods went terribly.
The English teacher came.
And the whole class was caned for failing the take home comprehension assignment.

The labor prefect came around too.
His treasured book of life in his right hand,
And (you know what) swinging in his left.

Needless to say,
Our backs were the recipients of the rewards of abstaining from labour duties.

Mr Esan came to the class later.
A gentle dove who rocked dark glasses.

Meek when on good terms,
Terrible when provoked.
The latter side we witnessed.
For our noise disturbed the whole class block including a class he was teaching
To be continued.

okonta kosi