Sosogho Abasi mi.
All thanks ascribed to you my God.

Our Mfoniso,
The mighty and victorious one in battles and the keeper of our families.

The impregnable one who is our shield and fortress.

Ima obong,
We thank you for you boundless love.

Eno obong,
Your countless gifts you gave to us and mercies that remain sure.

My sweetheart who left His throne on high to redeem me.
And defeated death and the grave to grant me victory.

Ekpe Judah,
The Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Obot Usen,
The creator of the day and giver of strength to our bones in our youth.

Obot Okon,
The creator of the night and heaven to serve as rest when our journey in life ends.

Aniebiet Abasi?
Who is like you in all the earth?

We searched and found none.
For only you can open and shut a door without needing permission or following protocols.

Nsidibe Abasi?
What can be hidden from you o lord?

We researched and found none.
Therein we are assured that our sorrows will end.
And we find our peace, knowing you are omnipresent.

Aniema Abasi?
Who loves or cares like God?

We tried all sources and discovered joy like no other in His presence.
For He called us the apple of His eyes.
Literally, we are sooo close to His eyes.

I have seen and met love and His name is Jesus.
He lives in me.
Hallelujah as I abide in him also.

okonta kosi