You are good man Karl
Goodness of character cannot keep a man away from wrecking harm upon humanity.

I loved your work.
*Dialectical Materialism* you called it.
An ad infinitum documentation of Thesis and anthesis class struggle.
The rich pitied against the poor.

You wanted equality of men.
Equity in resource sharing.

Love amongst all men
But you jettisoned THE GOD OF LOVE.

I guess you forgot Karl.

That love is culturally relative
For some cultures eat their friends as a display of affection.

You never knew. Karl
That a child raped by his father.
Would psychologically grow up, believing Rape to be a means of love expression.

Your idea to disavow God brought to power many superhumans.
Superhumans whose definition of universal love were very 'vague'

Let me tell you of Josef Stalin.
He so much believed in your ideals.

Organizing the whole nation into communes.
Oh such lofty ideas he espoused in his 5 point socio-economic agenda
Yet he sent millons of his people to Siberia to show his 'love' for them

Do you know how Siberia looks and feels like.Karl?
I guess you don't.
For you would not have lasted a week in those cold and deathly gulaks.

Millions were purged.
All because of the absence of belief in a Transcendent law to check Stalin.

Feeling a knot in your stomach yet?

There is more my friend.

In China, Mao Zedong came.
The chubby leader who the people adored.

He carried your red book. Karl.
It never left his breast pocket even when he purged his party.

Great Leap.
He called his socio economic programs

More like Great Murder
For his people starved to death in their millions.

Have you heard of Pol Pot?
Don't even get me started on that Cambodian beast.

You fought against including God to your writings Karl.
You tried to define Love without presenting the originator of Love itself.

Needless to say, your philosophy will keep running into Brick wall.
But take heart,
God is moving Mightily now

In China, the world's fastest growing church.
Russia would be next.

And when this world ends,
We would be transported into a classless heaven.

Where the true Love Himself will permeate all hearts and reign as a just King.

A king,
Just in character.

His glory,
Lighting up the new earth thus banishing darkness.

His reign,
Ushering in true love rooted in equality and lasting worship in His presence.

That Karl, would be the true utopia.

okonta kosi