The day was going totally wrong.
The actor was acting off-script.

HIS 220 test was a disaster.

Lord knew I had written on the Bantus instead of the Tiv people.

*Scholarrr, I know say you don finish work for dia*
GoldenVic said.

*Kosilala, your head just dey bring out fire there*
Peace and Maro chipped in.

*Kosi kosi the scholar of our time*
Hilary and Clarke finished off.

I smiled.
A pained and feigned smile that appeared real.

They never knew.

Never knew that my combination of kolanut and Nescafe robbed me of sleep the previous night.

Sleep, in turn, robbed me of vitality and remembrance in the test hall.

Walking down to my hall of residence.

I became caught in the crossfire of Hall 2 girls and Hall 3 boys

*Bloody Jambite*
*Your head like my pot of soup*
*O boy see as your shoe don expire. Forgive am make you troway am na*

They kept at it till I walked past.

Entering Hall 3,
Walking along the corridor
A shower of Palm oil soup decended on me.

Obviously a student on the top floor was blind to the presence of drains.

*Jesuu.. eshe wo ni mo se (What sin have I committed)?*

A rhetoric question that came to my lips immediately.

Entering my room,
I muttered half greetings to all around.

Moses was sleeping on my big bed at the moment.
And I was to rest my head on another persons bed.

Opening the wardrobe,
I brought out my pot of rice.

For hunger pangs were gnawing in my stomach .

Bringing out my spoon,
I proceeded to open the pot.

A shock registered on my face at the emptiness I saw in my pot.

Surely the the witches in my village had chosen today as my day of visitation.

Surely the girl I insulted in my night class had taken my case to her coven in the midnight.

Surely God had remembered the false pledge I had made in Fellowship on Sunday.

Who could blame me?

All the students were coming out.

And woe betide me if Elizabeth, the lady I was in awe of, saw me staying back.

Or maybe God was punishing me for cursing that early morning flyover preacher.

Who could blame me?

For in the midst of collecting a car gift in my dreams,

The preacher had shouted
*Give your life to Jesus*

For in the midst of being adopted by Lil Wayne in my dreams,

The preacher had shouted
*Jesus is coming*

Being very hungry and angry,
I marched on to Toseton kitchen.

The last three thousand naira in my pocket.

Being filled with pounded yam and goat meat,
I proceeded to board a bus to Oluku.

I am going to sin well today abeg.

Get me a nice street lady to take care of my needs.

Walking down the highway of damnation,
Cat calls abounded from all sides.

*Hey fine boy*
*Come make I do you well*
*Only five hundred naira, you go see heaven*

The daughters of Beliah were honing their trade.

With quickened steps a man walked up to me.

*Brother.. Do you know Jesus loves you?*
He asked while extending a tract to me.

Dispair gripped me,
For this oga wanted to kill my morale and quench my dopamine rush.

*Yes.. I know. And I have accepted Him as my personal lord and saviour*
I quickly chipped back.

Hoping he would get the idea and leave me alone.

*Brother, God is telling me to pray with you. Do you mind?*
He asked while extending hands towards me.

*Okay.. No problem*
I answered.
Graciously wishing he would be through in a minute.

Whilst praying,
A call came through.

Mama was calling to check up on her 'pekin' today.

*I am fine ma..*
*You sent?*

(Getting excited)

*Twenty five thousand*
*Jesuuu. Daalu shiine Nnem oma*
*Yes ma, I will love God more ma*

Call ending.
Another came through.

Cynthia was on the phone

*Kosi the scholarrr... You got the highest in the test oo*
She said.

*You must be high Chiwendu*
I replied.

All the while in confusion
For she never lied to me at all.

God did it again.

Saved me from the path of damnation once again.

Showed me His loving kindness despite my momentary intent of sin.

Then I knew,
That the God that watched over me neither slept nor slumbered.

I was eighteen and this was my ecounter with God

okonta kosi

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