*Drop it low girl*
*Nwa baby shake ukwu*
*Olomoge twerk eeee*

The above lyrics kept banging through his earpiece into his spirit.

Going through a mime routine as he walked on the street,

His hands unconsciously depicted the shape of a woman's backside.
His mind fantasized on the perfect shape and size which would satisfy his lustful desires.

Sunday morning came,
He was in front of the altar once more.

A damaged sinner seeking forgiveness once more.
A backsliding Christian wanting a regeneration of heart and mind.

He danced well in church that day.

He figured that through praise routine,
He would be delivered like Apostle Paul and Silas from the prison according to Acts 16.

He put five hundred naira into the offering box that day.

He figured that he could provoke God into forgiving him,
For the offering of Abel had sent a sweet smelling savour to God in heaven according to Genesis 4:4.

Moreover, the pastor had proclaimed a word of victory upon those who emptied their pockets into the offering box.

He lifted up holy hands that day.
Making sure his hands were physically the highest extending towards the church ceilings.

He figured this would grant him victory.
For God made Israel defeat Amalek in battle this way through Moses according to Exodus 17.

At the church gates,
The devil waited.
Hands in pocket.
A wicked deceitful grin adorning his face.

Waiting patiently until the believer came out of the church.
Waiting patiently until the euphoria of dancing left the believer.
Waiting patiently until the resounding pastors message died down in the believers head.
Waiting until the believer picked up his phone to peruse his playlist.

Barely five hours later,
The believer had fallen again.

A song eulogising the rythmic movement of the female buttocks did the trick.
For the whole images and lustful fantasies came flooding back into his mind.

Placing the cuffs of masturbation on his wrists once more,
Leading him back to the prison of depression and stagnation again.

The believer never knew.

That, what he fed his spirit would determine his spiritual output.
Never knew that seeking to live a victorious holy life meant the constant intake of God's word.
Never knew that oneone seeking a victorious life in Christ Jesus could not afford to flirt with the world.

For he became a pilgrim upon confession of sins and belief in Jesus.
A citizen of the city of God as Saint Augustine describes.
A Holy Nation as Saint Peter puts it.
A New Creation called forth from darkness into God's light.
His body is now God's temple in which there must be no filth.

Beloved, Garbage taken in would always bring a garbage life lived.
That is why we are enjoined to always steer clear of the path of sinners so as to avoid a tainting of our vessels.
When we take in God's word, we become more like Him, when we turn back to admire the world, stagnation always comes.

okonta kosi