How are you doing my great friends?

I have witnessed the times you were burning hot for God's work.

When your passion and gifts were in total synchronization with God's plan of de-populating the kingdom of darkness.

Days when you handled the microphone and demons fell.
Days when you handled the pen and wrecked havoc on Hell's hordes.

I am witnessing your light sleep now.

For you claim the day to day hustle within the huge cities leave you too drained to burn for God.
For you claim the absence of enough time in making yourselves available for God.

For you keep claiming that you are experiencing the *writers block* in composition of articles and music for God.
For you keep up the claim that the church department has refused to give you a spot to display your talent for God forgetting that you carry the church in you.

I have news for you sirs and madames.

While you slept,
The world helped define pre-marital sex as lovemaking and not fornication.

While you dozed,
The world read new meanings to the bible and concluded that Holiness does not mean perfection.

While you revved up the tone of your snore,
The devil taught teenage boys that money acquisition and sleeping with hot women were the definition of true success.

And no one was on ground to remind our little sisters of their uniqueness and beauty in face of an onslaught of love advances disguised to make them fall.

While your saliva found an escape route at the corners of your mouth,
Weed became the in thing and nobody was on hand to lecture youths on the adverse effects of smoking shishia.

While you were enjoying your rest from duty,
The clubhouse became the youth official church and the church was regarded as a place habited by *stale old people*

While your pen rested on its stand,
It became okay amongst new couples to consider divorce as a first means of overcoming marital problems and visits to the clergys consulting office dwindled in numbers.

The message I pen to you today.
The prod I wish to rouse your sides with.

Pick up that mantle you abandoned and the microphone you dropped.
Wash up your eyes with the scriptural words of truth and ask for mercy from your commanding General.

Yes. Yes.

Raise up your flags once more and wave them highest in the midst of the storms.

The homeless homes,
Visit with gifts of love and message of love.

Uncharted territories,
Break in with the sound and message of goodnews coming from thy lips.

The shackles of religious routine,
Break free from and start extending the word to every location.

For His commission never restricted the goodnews to the church pews.

Rather to the ends of the earth, Preach.
To all audiences, Preach.
On all media platforms, Preach.
With audible sounds, Speak.

There you are,
A Sleeping giant awakened from slumber.

There the devil stands,
A Shrieking tone coming from his lips.

There your Creator and Saviour stands.
A fulfilling smile spreading across His lips.

Here #bashorun stands,
Receiving inspiration from every word you write, every lyric you sing, every decorations you put up and every prayers you render.

okonta kosi