She shouted
Hurling a chinaware at her son.

A fool who pulls down her home with her hands.

Forgetting that children are a heritage and rewards from Him according to Psalms 127:3.

Forgetting that death and life are the power of the tongue according to Proverbs 18:21.

*Useless man*
The wife shouted at her husband.

Scratching and biting her way out of choke hold of her husband.

A woman with loose lips.

Forgetting that a soft answer would always turn away wrath according to Proverbs 15:1.

Forgetting that a loose mouth would always bring destruction to life according to Proverbs 13:3

*It is in your blood*
She said with a vicious tone.

Reminding him of the past misdeeds he thought had been forgiven.

Forgetting that Forgiveness without Forgetting brings separation amongst the best friends according to Proverbs 17:9.

Forgetting that love keeps no records of wrongdoing as God keeps no record of our wrongdoings after forgiveness according to 1 Corinthians 13:5.

*You this devilish woman*
He said.
Punctuating each word with blows to her head.

Forgetting that according to Genesis 2:23, he is hurting his own body.

Forgetting that Ephesians 5:21 told him to also submit to the wife as she submits to him.

Forgetting that his prayers will definitely be hindered because of this act according to 1 Peter 3:7.

For one plus one never equates two in marriage.

A union of two bodies it should be,
Unity needed in bringing forth children to fulfil God's command of fruitfulness.

A merger of destinies it should read.
Merger needed to fulfill God's command of dominance over everything.

A fusion of both aspirations it should speak.
Fusion needed to withstand the onslaught of discouragement and enemies in the race to perfection.

An example of true love it should paint.

A love that would always be ready to lay down individual interests in other to make each partner better.

A love like Jesus's for the church.

For He, being in the form of God,
Was bruised for our iniquities,
Chastised for our rebellion,
And endured the worst form of death invented by humanity.

All to save us from damnation.
All to restore our authority over everything created in the heavens and earth.

Beloved let us always be mindful of everything we do even in the state of anger.
For we are called to be salt to the earth, without which darkness would prevail.

okonta kosi