How are you doing dearies?

Beautiful daughters of zion in whom God delights in.
Beautiful muses to whom Bashorun pen down these words to.

I feel your pains my dear ones.
I see the struggles you go through.

The desire to be accepted among the *cool cliques* in your schools.

The longing for someone to call you beautiful and affirm you as a special girl to him.

The search,
To confirm what true love tastes like,

The feelings love leaves in your heart and head,

The warmness one feels when you cuddle your beloved,

And the fulfilling smile of self-worth when he calls you *Asa'm*

Your character is your beauty.

This i choose to tell you today.

The love words I choose to coo into your ears today.
The cupid arrowed message I wish to strike your tender hearts.

For your beauty exceeds the boundaries of your body features.
And your uniqueness transcends the realm of the five senses since you are a daughter of Yahweh.

*Build your intellect my little sisters*.

For beauty without brains will usher in a tears-laden future.

Fraught with ceaseless and needless falling in love drama episodes with joyless playboy characters.

Ending with painless surgeries undertaken by countless lab-coat wearing *doctors* in nameless hospitals,

All together painting a sad shameful masterpiece to be exhibitioned in the future.

Beauty WITH brains?

That will help you paint  inspiring experiences which would make your God proud.

For you will become unstoppable and not confined to someone's kitchen, living room and the *other room*.

*A woman like thirty men*,
People would hail you.

*A virtuous woman*
Your husband and kids will call you.

A worthy queen like Esther,
You will become.

Brilliant Economists like Okonjo Iwela,
You will surpass.

World leaders like Angela Merkel,
You will eclipse.

And like Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
You will Live a purposeful life that will cause the whole world to continually remember and celebrate .

okonta kosi