Bitter describes my heart condition.

Dying lies my pride.
For their words,
Like a pin piercing a hot air balloon,
Had deflated it.

The were my friends.
They had the license to kill.
And thank God they did just that.

*You messed up real bad*
Olumide said.

*You are wrong on all sides*
Cynthia added.

*You need the touch of Christ*
Funke chipped in.

*Get your act together*
Kelechi said.

Like the bite of rapid dog,
Their words stung.

Yet, Truth,
Like the famed maxim said,
Is a bitter pill to digest.

I recoiled at their words.
Hated their boldness in speaking.

But my spirit thanked God for their presence and love.

For Dumbledore was right about Neville.

It takes great courage to stand up to a foe.
And greater courage to stand up to a friend.

Their courage was an evidence of their true love.

I am a better man now.
Thanks to these friends.

I can be brought down to earth now.
Thanks to their courage.

I can move on from failure now.
Thanks to their encouragement.

Pride could be extinguished in me now.
Thanks to their license to kill.

I  can attain perfection now.
Thanks to their prayers.

My smile broadens,
My heart gladdens,
As I write of these friends now.

They are far from perfect.
But they are not sycophants.

Only a fool surrounds himself with praise singers.

And walks away when told the truth to his face.

Joy to the wise
Joy to me.
I am not that fool.

Beloved, we need to have friends who have the license to stand up to us.
Not necessarily acquiring more friends because quantity never equates quality.

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