LUKE 12 : 18

Much treasures he laid up.
Daily immersed in the hustle of acquisition.

Acquiring resources to feed the kids and family

Acquiring more money to save for future.

Acquiring houses in growing numbers to secure protection for the family.

Acquiring cars to firmly secure acceptance within social circles.

With a fierce determination, she strove.

Daily striving to breach the boundaries of gender inequality.

Daily putting all efforts towards climbing up the ladder of success

She was a woman of focus.

Fully focused on raising sound and brilliant kids.
Fully focused on building the perfect family.

Perfect in adherence to dietary prescriptions and routines.

Perfect in knowledge of societal etiquettes and obligations to all classes.

Perfect in knowledge and application of the laws of wealth creation and sustainance.

Their intents were indeed noble.
Their strive were indeed legal.

They both forgot God in their dealings.

Forgot to give Him all the thanks for the strength to strive.
Forgot to give God the glory for all He gave to them.

For numerous were the unseen forces that assailed them.
Yet God fought them off.

Devious were the inner thoughts of men towards them.
But God kept them safe in the face of all.

Devastating were the climatic/physical forces that could have killed them both.
But God's mercies continually kept them safe.

Mortifying were the plaques that could have visited their homes.
But God's mercies kept the plaques at bay.

Beloved, let us endeavor to give God all the glory for everything we have so that we are not referred to as Fools by God.

okonta kosi