He lived a life of struggle.
Prayers turned into a chore.
Obedience to authority, became a struggle.
Christian existed in words only and the power was absent 

He tried to die daily.
Reading the Bible for the whole day.
Waking up the next day,
His old habits overpowered him,
Dragging him back to the depths of sin.

He needed more
He needed the Refiner's fire.

Refiner's fire,
Burning away the impurities in the believer.

Refiner's fire,
Giving strength and power to achieve the impossible 

Refiner's Fire
Igniting the spirit's will to overcome bodily desires.

Refiner's fire,
Breaking all human and spiritual strongholds limiting the believers growth.

The master beckons to all

Long have you struggled to follow my path.
Revised human methods to live holy.
Devised numerous ways to overcome the battles of life.
Canvassed different sources and people for deliverance and help.

The time has come.
To worship in spirit and truth.

The time has come.
For the refining fire.

Beloved. Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing fire?
Seek Him now, passionately desire the fire and begin to  walk in the power of redemption.

okonta kosi