They say our words paint an ideal world.

Their words,
Lashes, meaning to wake us to the real world.

Their motives,
Shield our words from wrecking their built up beliefs and world.

They say,
*You have never been hurt by anyone*

Told us to shut our mouths and don't say the word *forgiveness*      

They forget,
That Forgiveness is for their personal good.

They say,
*You have not had job interview doors shut in your face*

Told us to stop echoing our belief of "no source of income, no wife"

They remain,
Blind to the knowledge that NO means Next opportunity.

They say,
*You don't know how important it is to keep your jobs in this unstable economy*

Told us to stop echoing the need to engage in God's house and vineyard.

They forget,
That their sustenance is that same God and He is the owner of the earth and all within it.

They say,
*You am too crazy in your belief in Holiness*

Told us to soften up our stance since we can never be God.

They forget,
That the roaring lion seeing only ONE slip,
Enters and sows tars to spoil our tender vines.

They say
*You am just another word penning Romeo emphatic on "one man, one jewel*

Told us that we have not yet seen the latest instagram model with eyes and hips.

So alluring and seductive, that makes one question the existence of love at first sight

And affirming existence of love at numerous sight.

They forget,
That true beauty is found in the heart because facial beauty withers with time
They shout it loud,
*For the thoughts you paint are not real*

We look back at them and scream
*God thought of man before creating him and men built all these visible wonders in his mind first*

So yeah, we are idealists with the hope of changing the world one word at a time and with the offer of the cross at all times

okonta kosi