There is a balm in Gilead 
To every hungry soul He gives His bread.
His very own elect; He decreed be overfed (Psalm 23:5)
"Ask in my name and it will given unto you", His words said.
For our redemption; He caused His blood to be shed.
The veil separating man from the Holy of holies; His death shred.

Seeing His wounds, the doubt in Thomas fled.
Joy and hope for a better tomorrow, His death caused to be widespread.
Meekness and true love in our hearts; His death imbed.
Upon His return; a spotless church He will wed.

How then do we taste of His power?
To find His strength to empower.
To transform His blessings from a trickle to a shower.
To experience true peace every minute and every hour.

Faith like a mustard seed, He charges us to possess.
Our doubting minds; we are called to suppress.
Unyielding belief in God's power to do all things; we must profess.
Actions of faith that leave the world bewildered; we are called to express.

For against the laws of nature; the results of faith transgress.
Like Peter, we must stay focused on Christ to avoid any distress.
The treasures of heaven; faith gives the key to access.
And on the path of fulfilling life purpose; faith propels towards progress.

With these principles in application,
A constant reminder of His promises in supplication.
A strict avoidance of altercations and capitulation,
There would be an acceleration towards affirmation.
Thus ushering in a joyous celebration.
And a lifting up of our hands in adoration.

okonta kosi