Rowdiness ensued upon the lecturer's departure from the class after the test.

*oboy the test nor get head o*
These words coming out of Freds mouth.

Who could blame him?

Apparently being a man of God, he had vehemently refused to spy Auvras work.

Apparently the early breakfast of beans he had in Hall 4 still kept him feeling sleeply.

For what could separate an hall 4 boy from the love of beans?

The answer is nothing.

For even while lying dead in a coffin, a hall four boy will be resurrected immediately the smell of beans hits his nostrils.

*That woman is very wicked. See as she just come set test like that*
These words coming out of Sharon's mouth directed to Laura.

Who could blame her?
Apparently Ekosodin boys had spent the whole night shooting knockouts in the air while celebrating Eiye day.

Apparently, her neighbor had borrowed her box of matches and cube container of Maggi without returning it, thus forcing her not to cook anything that morning.

Apparently some ogas at the top, who sat near the Ekosodin roundabout, had obtained her phone.

*Wait. Was it in Taghazza that salt was found or in Takeda?*
This question being asked by Goldmedal to Stephanie.

A clear contrast of fortunes afte a typical Uniben test.

*it is Taghazza*
Stephanie replied.

All the while returning her lecture note to the school bag in preparation for the new lecturer who stood on the podium.

*One of you should come and clean this board*
The words coming from the lecturer as she surveyed the surroundings.
Her face registering a distasteful look at the environment's unclean state.

With a roughly squeezed paper, the course representative cleaned the board and the lecture commenced.

With a book opened in front,
The lecturer proceeded with the roll call.



*present ma*
(An addition of *ma* which indicated her freshness from secondary school)


The voice belonging to Gude, Tegas friend.
For Tega, the chief guest of honour of all freshers parties, was absent.

*present ma*
Gude answered again.
This time with a slightly changed tone.

The Lecturer caught on to the ploy.

Pointing at him, she thundered.
*You there, Stand up and get out of my class. You unserious fellow*

With swaggering steps,
Gude walked out of the B1 lecture hall.
Out to go and chase the lovely girls of Management Science most definitely.

Without any more fuss, the roll call was completed and the lecture began.

Different moods visibly characterized the lecture period.

The sleeping association posited themselves at the back and within minutes of placing heads on table, were asleep.
Probably dreaming about seeing their result sheets filled with all *A*s.
Because one of them uttered a low-pitched laugh from his sleep.

The *I don't care* association were ably represented.
For they had whipped out their phones and were engaging in all manner of picture filtering, facebook surfing.

All actions performed without the slightest interest in what the lecturer was saying.

The overly serious association were in front.
All of them furiously writing down every single word that came out of the lecturer's mouth.

Apparently old students had told them that all lecturers expected the students to write what 'they had said' as opposed to what most textbooks said.

The last association were the mildly interested ones.
They were the sharp ones who knew how the system worked.

Apparently they knew that the sum of Five thousand naira would get them a 'C' grade.
And ten thousand naira plus Andre drink for a 'B' grade.

While the 'A' grade was left either for God, the lecturer or exceptionally brilliant students.

The lecture ended with low fanfare and we all trudged out of the venue.

For the large contingent of ISD students wanted to use the lecture halls.

Like sugar ants chasing a honey comb,
They trooped in.
Sometimes squeezing some of the students desiring to leave the hall.

To different locations, we all dispersed.

The hungry ones racing to warm and eat their leftover food in the hostel.

The more buoyant ones decided to order fried rice and chicken from the Omega food truck that was located at the car park.

The love seeking guys raced to the faculty orchard.
A Fervent hope of finding isolated female students who were trying to read, burning in their hearts.

And Kosilala, who went to the back of the faculty, bought Nueores biscuits.
All in a bid of continuing his reading exercise.

GST Lectures was by 3pm.
And we were called to gather at East wing Basement for the hour long class.

The journey to basement,we all undertook.

Gazing in awe at the beautiful sculpture that was erected in front of Education faculty.

Somewhat disappointed by the 'very old' looking Faculty of Sciences which held both physical and life sciences.

Physical science that always dominated the Vice Chancellor's football Cup.

And Life sciences that had Zoology as one of its courses.
A study of animals, which my young mind could not fathom any meaningful use for the society.

John Harris Library, we all passed by.
A building most of us never visted until being mandated to visit during the final clearance.

The medical hostel we all admired.

Therein lived students who were not students in the real sense of studentship.

For the legendary tales of their partying lifestyle always marveled other students.

A lifestyle we could ill afford to maintain,
For a night out with friends at Royal Marble or PPRH would leave your pockets dry.

The Main Auditorium, we all saw from a distance.

Greatful to God Almighty that we scaled through that tiresome admission process.

A tale of blood and victory, it was indeed.

A tale worthy of its own article on a later date.

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