"Today is visiting dayyyy"
These words I shouted as I woke up early that Saturday morning.

Visiting day.
That day that senior students behaved kindly to junior students.
For they knew their kindness would later bring a reward in the evening.

Visiting day.
The day all guardian teachers acted lovingly towards their wards.
For this would bring more monies and gifts from the parents in appreciation. 

Within ten minutes,
All students trooped to the front yard to be assigned jobs.
We were not canned that day.

The seniors were acting more jovial than normal.
Even senior Feyi who always gained immense joy in whipping me, called me to his room

"Kosi bawo ni"
He asked while he absent mindedly stroked his beard.
 As most seniors students were advanced in age.

"I am fine sir"
I grunted in return.
For I had already knew his ploy.
And greatly desired in my heart NEVER to give him anything mama brought.

"Shebi you know you are a good boy eh?
I hope you have ironed your trouser and shirt which you will wear today"

He asked because he had a iron in his room.

"I have ironed it sir"
I lied in reply.
Even though my clothes were rumpled,
I would not accept his bribery in exchange for my mothers rice.

Within ten minutes, I was dismissed.
For i kept rejecting Senior Feyi's bribes.

The hostel inspection lasted two hours.
One hour thirty minutes spent on waiting for the teachers to tour the other hostels.
And the last thirty minutes being inspected by the mean looking group of teachers.

At least today's inspection was better.
For the head girl and two female prefects escorted the inspectors.
An event that happened twice in a term.

As inspection ended,
All students burst into shouts of joy.
For they knew that their parents cars were on the way.

To the bathrooms we all went.
While some Benue House boys like Ibiyemi Shola kept playing football at the maracana pitch.

"Rrrriinnnng Rrring"
The breakfast bell rang.
The dinning hall was summoning us to its feast.
And Akara and ogi were beckoning for our presence.

With great joy,
Most students ran to the hall.
Cups, spoons and knives in hand.
All ready to devour the sacred meal of two small Akara and pap served in transparent plastic bowls.

I did not follow them to the hall.
As I had traded my food for a wrap of fufu and half meat.
A meal we ate on Friday afternoon.

Nevertheless I was not fazed.
For I knew mummy would bring a cooler filled to the brim with rice and meat.

After bathing and putting on my yellow check shirt and brown trousers,
I started my movement to the car park.

"Mummy ni pe awon o ni wa loni"
(Mummy said they are not coming today)
Words, I heard as I passed by the sick bay.

Moving closer,
I saw that the unlucky student was Alamutu.
Poor bloke was weeping while his friend, Akin, consoled him.

"Ma worry. Ti mummy temi bade, ma pe e ki a jojo lo ri won"
(Don't worry, if my mom comes, I will call you so we will both go to see them)
The above words Akin told his weeping friend.
Words which brought on a quick change of demunor in Alamutu.

Upon reaching the car park,
I went to sit with other students at the administrative block.
For it was the best vantage point from which one could sight any incoming car.

Some cars had started arriving.
Famakinwa's daddy had already come.
The parent that always came around 9am and stayed till 6pm. 

At the backseat sat Lekan,
Spoon in hand
Cooler between his laps
Merrily eating without paying attention to anything else.

A Volvo car entered the gates at this point.
And a student ran towards it screaming with glee.
The visiting moment had started in full course.

Near the Tuck shop,
Most seniors waited.
Eyeing the students with hawk like eyes,
Patiently waiting for the time to come out and 'greet' the  parents of junior students.

Senior Tayo was out already.
The warri boy that never carried last in matters of food.

At the moment, he was in the midst of Tobi's parents.
Out of curiosity, I nudged toward his location.
Picking up pieces of his conversation with Tomiwa's parents.

"Your son is a good boy ma. And I take very good care of him"
These words senior Tayo spoke.

Take very good care of Kini?
Someone that caned Tomiwa on daily basis. 

On and on, senior Tayo weaved his lies
Calm and quiet Tomiwa was.

Who could blame him?
Apparently his parents could not save him from a good beating if he exposed Senior Tayo's lies that moment.
Apparently, this was his opportunity of getting on Senior Tayo's good books and ensuring the safe carriage of his provisions to his locker at the hostel.
For junior students knew that senior students waited to 'obtain' their provisions like  a pack of wolves await the entrance of a sheep into their midst.

Within minutes, senior Tayo was given two hundred naira

Gift pocketed,
He moved to the next car to spun more weave of lies.

"Rrring Rrrriinnnng"
The bell for lunch rung.

The time was 2pm.
And a meal of eba with egusi soup and fish awaited students.

"Not me o"
These words I murmured within myself.
For I was highly intent on seeing my daddy's car
As some unlucky students never saw their parents car
And had to settle to settle for just provisions without any food from home.

I was building my hunger.
As the rice would be sweeter when eaten with an empty stomach.

On and on, we kept waiting.
Three boys Emma, David and Kosi.
Waiting for those cars to arrive from offa.

By and by, the time sped.
Different cars arriving from different locations.

Parents from Ibadan coming to see Akin and Bukola.
Parents from Lagos coming to see Jeffery and shola.
Parents from Oshogbo coming to see Lukman and Olamide.
Parents from Ogun coming to see the fadairo Twins.
Parents from Ikire coming to visit the Bamigbade twins.
Parents from Ibadan coming to see the Odanyes.

Five o clock reached and most parents started leaving.

With downcast hearts, we started moving too.
A move towards the classroom area to wait for the evening Asaro (Yam Porridge).

"Kosi, is that not your daddy's car"
Words David spoke to me while pointing to a Mercedes Benz 360.

I shouted back while breaking into a sprint.
A mad dash towards them so they could see my face.

Mummy was sitting next to daddy at the front seat.
Holding a black leather bag that contained goodies from heaven.

Close to a tall tree, the car parked.
Into the backseat, I jumped.
Bringing out and surveying every provision they brought.

Cornflakes- check
Garri- Check
bourvita and milk-check
Kuli kuli- check
Oxford and Yale biscuit- Check
Lion cube sugar-check

Mummy remembered everything.

Emma and David's parents entered the gate at that point.
Both boys racing to their parents cars to cross check their provisions too.

I devoured the rice with much gusto.
The chicken laps did not survive the visit to my teeth.

The viju milk I kept in my bag.
That would be a gift to Bolu Adegbola later.
For he had helped me solve my maths questions a week before.

Pops and Mama left after forty minutes.
Leaving three boys with goodie bags that needed to reach the hostel safely.

Thanks be to God Almighty.
For we had Senior Israel.

The assistant head boy, who ensured the safe passage of our provisions through the valley of the shadow of death.

More articles to come on FGC experiences.
Stay tuned and stay blessed.

okonta kosi