*They that put their trust in the lord shall never be disappointed*
The radio jingle blurted out in advertising the new church in the neighborhood.

With disgust visibly registered on her face, she changed the channel.

A God that would allow her stay this long without a child was not powerful.
Worse still, she was starting to doubt His total existence.

*Religion is a hoax and a social tool for keeping society functioning*
The above words, her atheist anthropology lecturer always thundered while in class.

The above words, she had always argued against in a vehement fashion that earned her a beautiful red lettered 'F' on her result slip.

Seven years after walking down the aisle,
Her story remained the same.

After eighty-four months of attending church services at all locations,
The pink decorated nursery in her home remained without an occupant.

For three hundred and thirty-six weeks,
Agonizing visits to the doctor became her routine.

A visit that always yielded the same results.
*Madame, you are medically alright.*

She was tired of waiting on God.
It was time to try other means.

After all, a child was a child even when given by Olokun.
After all, All children were gifts from God no matter the means they are gotten.
After all, her forefathers served other goddesses and lived for a long time before death.

Thankfully, a call through.
God's appointed time had come.
And her mother-in-law was His message carrier.

*Nwa m.. How are you doing today?*

'I am fine mama, I hope all is well'

*Mba nwa m. Please always remember that the God you serve will answer you even though all is not working fine. Put your trust in Him so you won't be disappointed*

'Okay ma, Chukwu gozie gi'
She answered as she ended the call.

She knew then.

Knew that the God who watches over Israel never goes on strike nor dozes off like one stung by the Tse Tse fly.

Knew that God was not a political chieftain who promised *change* with His lips and failed when confronted with challenges.

Knew that God was not an area thug who boasts to do and undo in battle and sprints away like Usain when faced with a Gun.

Knew that His time, though seemingly long, is the best at all times.

It's a year now after receiving that fateful call.

Two pair of tiny feet were the new occupants of the nursery at her home.

*Mama Ejima* Her Igbo friends now called her at work.
*Iya Ibeji* Her yoruba friends hailed her at the church.

Taiyelolu, an adorable girl, was the first to break her fallow ground.
Kehinde, a strong boy, was the second.

Both sent by God to transform her from a rag wearing state to owning bales of beautiful adires, kampalas and Harold grade outfits.

*Chim oma*
Her new song.
The beautiful God had shamed her enemies.
Her cup ran over with joy.

*Onye obioma*
The thoughts of good that God had towards her never faltered despite her failing faith.

Beloved, this is recurring message of hope to all the barren. Weeping may tarry for the night but joy comes in the morning.
Though it tarries, keep trusting in the promises of God.

okonta kosi