It is a daily thing

Leaning on your knowledge,
For your word is light to my path.

Moment by moment seeking your counsel
As you are the omniscient God who knows all.

Striving daily to follow your precepts.
For your burden is light and life to my bones.

Never slack towards spreading your word at all times.
As you entrusted the ministry of reconciliation into my care.

Never leaving your place of refuge.
As there is no other place where help is assured without denting my soul.

Never leaving the communion with fellow Beloved,
For I find the definition of love with every word we share.

Daily as I live.
Praising you for you alone are worthy of my praise.
For your mercies kept me from dying in my sins.

Like a hound dog,
You love kept chasing me
To the beer house where I was drinking,
Your hound searched me out.

To the hotels where I was about to engage in fornication,
Your words came.
In my enclosed office space when I wanted to engage in fraud,
Your word penetrated.
To the shrine where I stacked up hundreds of amulets,
Your hound chased me. 

At last, i yielded. 
Your call, I heeded
Your assignment, I accepted.
From sin, I deported
Your transport, I boarded
Your country, I landed
The world, I jilted.
You Jesus, I wedded.

Yearly as I live.
Monthly as I teach.
Weekly as I walk.
Daily as I wake.
Hourly as I write
Minutes as I dance
Seconds as I breathe
I will Praise your name.

okonta kosi