(Very Graphic in nature. Not suitable for children viewing)

Come folks come.

Gather in circles around me while i tell you this tale of Aucshwitzs.

An echo of woe, it resounds.
A stench of grief, it reeks.

For it was a time when man played God
And a reminder of what we will become without a moral transcendent law giver to govern our actions.

A period of advancement in educational circles with a corresponding advancement in weapons of murder.

Our tale starts from their arrival.

In thousands the trains brought them,
Hungarian, Soviets, Polish, Gypsies they all were.

'Undesirables' they were called
All meant to be put in their natural habitat.

Reaching the gates,
Whole families were separated.

A lash was administered on unwilling mothers who held on to their husbands.
A blow was administered on children still holding on to their papas clothes.

Like mules they were led to the sorting area now.
Each human branded with a number on their arms.

Their unique names replaced with a number tag like guinea pigs.

Little Katie's name became 23133.
Her papa Gustav's name became 24644.

Large scissors appeared,
Each Nazi official clipping away mothers and daughters hair and leaving them bald.

For the Germans needed the hair for the textile industries and machines.

Then were they separated, never to see one another again.

In eights, they slept on a bed like sardines.
An average of two people succumbing to the cold kiss of death before day break at 4am.

In twenties, they bent down at the lavatory to pass waste.

An average of five dying of toilet diseases due to lack of paper and water in washing up.

And who could blame them?

Apparently they were even lucky to use the toilets
For some of their friends had to dump their waste in their eating bowls without enough water to wash it up.

Apparently the Germans regarded them less than ants,
Provided thousands of inmates with one building,
Thus making the ones who used the lavatory lucky.

Apparently they were provided with no papers or water to wash up,
Instead they used any paper currency they saw to wipe their behinds.

In hundreds, they bent their backs in hard labour.
An average of forty dying daily in the mud due to the cold and exhaustion that bit their bodies.

For their frail bodies were kept alive with crumbs as food.
For their wooden shoes resisticted their movement,
And their trigger happy overseers kept on whipping all within range.

In thousands, they were lined up in the morning assembly.
An average of seven hundred being selected for the gallows.

The man with a wheezing cough. Picked.
The child with a bitting cold. Picked.
The mother with emaciated body features. Picked.
The boy with his foot crippled by frostbite. Picked.

To their workplaces, the lucky ones were marched.
To Kanada, to sort out the baggages.
To the fields to dig trenches and pick stones for the day.
All without baths.

To the chambers, the unlucky selected ones were led.
Wailing sounds emanating from their throats as they trudged.
Their mouths uttering pleading words in all languages to the Swansika badge wearing Nazi officials.

All pleadings fell on stony hearts.
For Hitler had built up young men devoid of any conscience.
And wickedly cruel in execution of executive orders.

In batch of fifties, they were divided.
The first fifty swiftly marched towards the wall and shot in the head.

The second batch were taken into small compartments and left to suffocate.
Officials laughing while watching the victims thrash wildly and gasping for air.

The third batch, deemed stubborn, were taken to the smallest standing compartment to starve to death.
A wager undertaken by the Nazi officials around, on which inmate would be the last man standing.

The fourth batch were led into the yards to be hanged.
The watching girl sobbed as her mother hanged loose from the rope.

The last batch, in their hundreds, were taken into the chambers.
Stripped of their clothes and huddled together.

Here comes two officials,
Zyklon B canisters in hand,
Gas masks on their faces.
A wicked demonic grin on their faces as they throw in the box shaped cyanide based pesticide.

Landing upon impact,
The box hissed as its contents dispersed.

Howls rent the air.
Bodies thrashed against each other in desperate fight for life.
Within twenty minutes, the throes of death ended and all prisoners were dead.

Within thirty minutes, their bodies were wheeled out to the doctors.
With snipping knives, their bodies were cut up and their intestines searched.
For the Nazi officials wanted to recover all gold trinkets that the 'Undesirables' swallowed.

Within forty minutes, their corpses were burned to ashes at the crematorium and dumped into the river.

Night and day continued these practices at Aucshwitzs for three years until Hitlers fall in 1945.
And a million lives, the practice took.

A grim tale this has been.
More grim are the indepth details being told by its survivors.

*The Holocaust*. People called it.

A crime against humanity.
Committed by a people who brilliantly disproved God's existence.

Committed by a man who deemed his people more worthy than all peoples.

Committed from a heart devoid of any love.

For none can love without knowing the person of Jesus.
And a life of love His presence brings.

Beloved, I most certainly did not want to write this article but the truth must be told.
A heart which disregards the existence of God always degenerates to this level.
This is a clarion call to all  christians to take the missions work seriously in order to spread the gospel to all ends of the earth.
If you desire peace to reign and love to reside within everybody, Start telling all around about His love.
God bless you as you do so.

okonta kosi