T'was not easy for my lord.

Walking on that road to Golgotha.
Heaving the cross, while trudging up that hill of Calvary.
Enduring taunts and invectives from the people He was going to save.
Bitting down the pain of the scourge already inflicted on Him.
For Roman whips were laced with jagged glass pieces meant to draw out flesh when administered on any one.

It was not easy my friends.
But it was worth it. 

For we are now saved due to that sacrifice.
Redeemed from the kingdom and paths of death,
Translated into the Kingdom of life and everlasting joy.

We have a comforter because of that sacrifice.
The Holy spirit who quickens our mortal bodies unto righteousness
And is always there to lift our spirits when we are down.
For we must pass through the valley of the shadow of death.
A journey needed to strengthen our faith and sweeten the testimony. 

We have a key because of His sacrifice.
For His death washed off our filthy rags and made us Holy.
Holiness which gives us unrestricted entrance into the presence of God the Father of light. 

It was not easy.
But it was worth it.
These words, He speaks to His church today.
For He has seen the tripled allure of sin.
And the increased efforts, the world is currently making, to redefine holiness and truth.

Stand firm my beloved.
The world will persecute you for your faith.
Your so called 'church' may even denounce you for your staunch beliefs in the excellency of my word.

Stand firm my beloved.
Against the onslaught of the media like the children of Israel in their grumble against Moses.
Keep standing.

Against the onslaught of friends like Jobs friends.
Keep standing.

Against the onslaught of detractors like Tobiah, Sanballat and Geshem.
Keep standing.

Against the onslaught of the constituted authority, like king Ahab against Prophet Elijah.
Keep standing.

Against the onslaught of your  very beloved wife, like Job's.
Keep standing.


okonta kosi