This little sampling of mine.
I am going to let it grow.

Extending my tendrils deeper into the ground to be rooted in you through prayers.
And pushing my leaves towards the heavens for your sun to shine upon through studying your word.

This little light of mine,
I am going to let it shine.

Keeping it firmly connected in your power source.
Feeding it continually with the oil of prayers and charity.
While setting it upon the walls of the city to brighten this dark work.

This little dream of mine.
I am going to let it come to pass.

Hustling non-stop to transform it to reality.
Fighting on my knees against the enemies plan to snuff out the dream.
And building up great connections in a bid to reaching the top.

This little faith of mine
I am going to let it grow.

Applying it to everyday battles and situations.
While studying the word of God to keep it growing in leaps and bounds.

This little feet of mine
I am going to let it move.

Racing everywhere my lord sends me.
And reaching every home in a bid to telling them about Jesus.

For this purpose was I called.
Called to partake in the ministry of reconciliation.

For this reason was I culled.
Culled from the people shackled in the chains of bondage.

For this goal was I installed
Installed to a kingship position meant to show forth His works.

For this reason my sin was annulled.
Annulled by His precious blood and inputted with seed of righteousness.

This little words of mine.
I am going to keep telling you all.

God loves you.
Jesus loves you.
The Holy Spirit loves you.

okonta kosi