A laddle in my left hand,
A spoonful of soup in my right hand.
A fulfilling smile spread across my face.
For the salt seasoned the soup excellently well.

Too little would do no good.
Too much would transport the soup to the waste bin.

Salt to the earth, believers are called to be.
The entirety of God's word, we must agree with.

The ends of the earth, our voices must reach.
The stony hearts of men, our love will breach.
The little gods, striving with God's enthronment over our lives, we must strive to impeach.

In every season,
At every location,
We must be ready to preach.

Preaching God's love through the words of mouth.
From the north to the South.

Showing God's love through our actions.
Shunning all detractors and distractions.
Disregarding every call to favour any factions.
Allowing moderation to characterize all interactions.
Displaying an avid hatred for all infractions.

A reply, seasoned with love, to every accusations.
A vivid passion for God's kingdom intoned in all aspirations.
A clear tolerance of other faith, embedded in all associations.

Filthy and loose words, erased from all dictions.
Outburst of anger banished from all conversations.
Full measure of patience, cultivated for all trials and  examinations.

Christ the solid Rock, make our foundation.

With His words, dispel all oppression.
With His guidiance, acquire all possessions.
With His presence, overcome all depression.
To His courts, direct all ovations.

Like the travelling Samaritan, Rescue people from their afflictions.

Like the Fervent Brethren,
Pray for deliverance for those in the dungeons.

Like Nehemiah,
Encourage those weighed down with false allegations.

Like Apostle Paul,
Write to condemn all altercations.

Like Jesus,
Shun all acts of condemnations.

Like General Neman,
Never consider yourself above corrections.

Like Lot fleeing Sodom,
Pay no attention to diversions .

Like Dorcas,
Let your life reflect so much love as to cause the whole world to weep and genuinely pray for your resurrection.

Like Enoch,
Walk so faithfully in God's ways, that He would not hesitate to send a special legion to bring you home to a heroes welcome.

okonta kosi