He was at the club that day with friends.

A glass-bottomed water pipe placed at their table.
Into his lungs, the strawberry scented smoke went.
From his nostrils the smoke came forth,
Forming beautiful rings and drawing applause from all around.

'Vaping' they called it.
This was the life,
And he was a living witness to its enjoyment.

At least, that was his thinking.
For he never cared to check out its adverse effects.
Never bothered to absolve the fact that it contained carcinogens and nicotine, therefore highly addictive.
Never knew that an hour shisha session is estimated to be the equivalent of smoking between 100 and 200 cigarettes (WHO fact)
Never knew that despite its joys, it caused health problems which cigarettes smokers faced.

All these facts he always ignored.
All these sayings he disdained.
For the proverbial dog which would get lost never listens to the whistle of the hunter.

"All people will die"
This fact his mouth spews anytime confronted with the need to change.
Subtly forgetting that death inevitably ushers in judgement.
For all must give account for the life lived.
And give concrete reasons to the reason why such a life was cut short by his/her destructive habit.

"Break free from its hold"
These words I speak to you.
For your future is too precious to be toyed with.

Follow not the path of Esau,
Who sacrificed his birthright in a bid to satisfy a momentary pleasure.

Follow not the paths of Samson,
Who because of infatuation gave up his secret and led himself to the house of ridicule and slaughter.

Follow not the paths of people who are headstrong against advice.
For an early death would be a just reward for such actions.

Follow not the crazy trends of the world.
For you are a chosen generation set apart for Christ.

Trust in Jesus to grant the power to break free today.
Cut away from the fellowship of evil peers today,
For friends come and go while addiction comes once and stays while leading to destruction.
Beloved, take out time and pray for those teenagers struggling to break out of this addiction.

okonta kosi