Here is to you crazy fellas 

Those who are covenanted to the religion of distinctiveness
And heralds of unique unthinkable patterns

Here is a salute to you
Those, who against the popular opinion and trend, stick to their principles and confession     
Thus cementing their loyalty and guaranteed blessings          

Here is a tribute to you
Those, who go against traditions in a bid to creating new arts and unconditional techniques        
Thus cementing their status as dynamic civilization heralds          

Here is to the dogged ones
Those who despite numerous failures, get back up and try for one more time
                             Thus embedding their names in the scrolls of the victorious                                        

Here is a much needed recognition
Those, behind the scenes who humbly strive to attain victory, (which most people ascribe to another)                             
Thus laying favorable foundations, upon which their launching forth would be smooth sailing

Here are much needed encouragement
Persistently persist in your beliefs,
For in them you shall be celebrated
Give no cognisance whatsoever to people around, Who continually discourage you for they are spectators who must cheer for you when you make it

Love yourself much,
For you will certainly not feel the love around your environs
Love God best,
For only He can give you the strength to achieve all your heart desires.

okonta kosi