That short 'insignificant' sex act.
Short in duration.
Pleasurable in the present,
Yet a harbinger of blackmail, heartbreak and marital problems to the future.
That 'short' sentence spoken without restraints.
Minimal in lexical terms.
Seemingly harmless in the present.
Yet, it takes root in the mind of others.
Thus paving way for self destructive thoughts in the future.

That 'little lie' spoken to avoid the present troubles.
How little it seems.

Yet it grows.
Like a onion,
Layer by layer.

Like the cold war,
Stockpiling mass destruction for the future.

That unchecked secret habit.      
Not dubbed a sin by some circles.
Thus enjoyed without restraints and seeking for help.
Preparing a pathway to obsession,
And it's attendant horde of destructive thoughts .

The 'dark shadowy history box' is its name.
For it conceals those 'discarded actions' we think are long buried 

Like a genie lamp,
It keeps following.
Stalking and lurking in the shadows.

Waiting for the perfect moment to appear in our future.
Waiting to be opened by our future partners and business contacts.
Waiting to unveil that 'dark patch of our lives.
Waiting to mess up everything we labored for.

I weep.
For my box is not empty.
And my dark patch not clean.

Yet i run to Jesus.
Tears in my eyes.
Praying His grace buries that box permanently and make my path straight. 

I know He will heed my prayers.
Even though that box will show up later,
It's devastating effects would have been nullified by the saving power of His grace.

Beloved, every action we take has an effect on the future so let us endeavor to watch our every action.

okonta kosi