*Why does a perfect good God ignore suffering on a magnitudnal scale?*
The above question the little girl posited to the apologist.

Having witnessed the death of papa at the hands of a raving gunslinging mobster.

Having witnessed mama die of overdose of painkillers following the depression that plaqued her.

The same question echoing across the universe.

By the female beautiful graduate, upon being given the option of sleeping with the manager before getting the job.

Asked by the wailing mother, cradling the lifeless body of her baby struck dead by measles disease.

Asked by the despairing father of four, just retrenched from the only source of livelihood to his family.

Asked by the ailing hospital bed ridden occupant, whose boils and sores kept him in constant pain and caused irritation to people around who avoided his bed stand.

Asked by the atheist, Staunchly firm in his denunciation of Gods existence.
For the occurence of hunger, extremism and genocides on a worldwide scale was distressing.

We all ask.
In hope of understanding the nature and reasons for our suffering.

We all ask in rhetoric tones.
In hope of knowing when it will all stop.

We all ask with hopeful anxiety.
In hope of knowing where we go after the threescore and ten years we spend on earth.

To the first question is given the answer of purpose.

For God created man for the purpose of dominance.

A life devoid of these sufferings currently experienced by all.
A life devoid of struggles in wealth acquisition and sustenance.

The problem of suffering came when man played God.

When man choose to define good and evil.
When the finite man thinks he can outsmart the infinite God in the game of thrones.

For with his natural selfish tendencies, man could never be totally just in his dealings with other men.
Thus he needs a transcendent moral law giver who is Himself incorruptible in nature.

To the second question is the answer of hope.
The hope whose name is Jesus Christ.

For all pain ends with the fellowship of His sufferings.

Conforming to His death by putting aside all our former. behaviors to obey His words.

And finally made new creation by the power of His resurrection.

Then dissensions amongst all races and classes would end
For we would speak with one voice.
And worship with one heart.

To the third question is the answer of destination.
The destination which is heaven with God.

For if there is no heaven, our lives on earth loses its meaning.
For there is no just judge to renumerate the good and punish the evil.

But there is a heaven and there is a just judge.

One who is incorrigible and impervious to all manner of bribery.
With a just scale,
Rendering true justice to each man.

Therein lies the answer to our sufferings.

For the hope of spending eternity with a just God in paradise gives cheer to broken hearts.

A world of no pains.
Eternity within which death is non existent.
A true utopia with a transcendent God being our king,
No ethnic and class separations,
And His love shared across all hearts.

This is our hope.
This is our message.

okonta kosi