*Where are you lord?*

These words I scream as I wake
For I feel the burden of the world resting on me again.

I miss your touch.
Your words which brings solace to my crazy world.

My heart longs for you.
Yet i feel an emptiness coming from the places I see your face.

Upon the face of friends, I see no joy.
At your alter, I could only feel the coldness of the slab.
From my work, I see no inspiration.
On my knees, my heart feels nothing.

It is all stale now.
Depressing thoughts haunt my sleep.

Sin's allure has tripled.

The clubhouses appear more attractive.
Girls around look more seductive.

The advocates for pre-marital sex have become more assertive.
The jobs available now have become more competitive.

The Brewers of alcohol have become more creative
Your soldiers have become more ineffective.

*Type amen and be blessed*.
*Send this to five people and recieve instant money*.
*Blessings, blessings and showers of blessings*
*Kill and murder my enemies*

These words, I keep hearing.
The church's power keeps disappearing.
Juicy gossip in church, my ears keep overhearing.

I guess that is how things are.

The essence of life reduced to owning houses and cars.

The essence of worship reduced to dancing and more show offs.

The essence of prayers reduced from communion to a  demand session.

The essence of love reduced to sex and more kids.

I know you are there lord.
And so I will keep on.

Keep on staying strong in the faith.
Keep my chart set on your course and my eye transfixed on you.

For these facts I know.

That sin, no matter how sugarcoated will continually dent the soul with bitterness.

Know that I am a pilgrim who is just passing through the valley of darkness.

Know that these struggles of mine are for a period.
For they are needed to increase my faith unto perfection.

This is my joy.
This is my hope.
That you are there behind the scenes.

Behind the veil lies your smiling face.
A smile, I will never wipe off through sin.
A smile, I will never wipe off through weakness and laziness.

A smile, I hope to witness with my very own eyes when I leave this world.
Your smile, Jesus, is my hope.

okonta kosi