Down I go.
On the paths of sheol again.
The rewards of death; my hands regain.
The wheels of the plow of righteousness; i forgot to maintain.
Being led into the desert,
I stagger like one under the influence.
All the while blinded by momentary pleasures.
A walk through the arid land with cold lifeless walls as my compass.
'Surely I have lost it'
These words my mind kept a fix on.
Regurgitating it while the devil's counsel slowly seeped in. 

A 'sound advice', like Job's wife, the devil gave.
Urging me to totally quit.
A sweet ballad he played into my ears.
Telling me to embrace hedonism as my new religion.
For I would surely fail in living a perfect life.

He gave me examples.

"Your righteousness is as s filthy rag before God"
The accuser of the brethren quoted this scripture for me.
I countered.
Reminding him that self righteousness accounted as sin before God.
Telling him of the uptmost essence of the Jesus's death and grace in salvation. 

"No one is perfect"
These words the devil said in retort.
Quoting a popular quip which gave leeway for people to sin.

In despair,
I tried to counter.
For my Christian walk was filled with inconsistent up and down moments.

Like a touchlight with a failing battery,
The light of Christ within me flickered.

HE then came back.
Like a sharp clack amidst deep silence,
I heard His words.
That piercing word of life that erupted joyful tears in me.
For I was a washed out version of my former self.

"My grace is sufficient for you.
You have an advocate before the father who pleads your case".
These words, Jesus spoke to me in reply to the devil's condemnation. 

"Look unto Me the author and finisher of your faith..."
This charge, He gave me to cleanse me of all adulteration.

"There is therefore now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus"
 This fact, He quoted to free me from all allegations.

"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness..."
 These words, He gave to guide my future aspirations.

Once more I cling to the cross.
An abandonment of my fling with death.
A willing stone in the sling of Christ Jesus.
Ready to earn new trophies to bring to His feet.
Laying them down as He calls me a king too, being a joint heir with Jesus.

okonta kosi