Cometh a time we would be  tried.
A worthy cause we must be allied.
The choice to continue or turn back we must decide.
To be tagged a 'foolish virgin' or a 'worthy Bride'.

The acts of sin; we are urged to turn aside.
The principles of holiness, in our lives, must be applied.
Our thoughts of giving up; we must chide.
In Jesus, through prayers, we must confide
The sword of truth, we must rightly divide.
The path to heaven we must continually glide.
To preach the gospel we must swiftly stride.
The spirit of humility we must hold on to and desist from pride.

In the secret place of the Almighty and in His temple we must reside.
Firmly to charitable works, we must be tied.
Firmly on the solid rock we must stand to avoid destruction by a stormy tide.
Following these principles, we will have peace on every side.
And on the last day, our entrance into Heaven would never be denied.

okonta kosi