My premier college which i love so much in Irepodun LGA, Kwara State.

The day started around 5am.
Iya Taiwo,our favourite matron, came into the long hall.
Keeping up a barge of "Wake up", "Wake up" as she banged on the iron bunks with an iron rod.

Reluctantly, we awoke immediately.
As our fellow neighbors, the idun (bedbug) had refused to let us sleep in comfort.

Iya Kolade's kids were awake already.
Those stubborn little kids whose parents had forgotten about them.
For I never understood the need why nursery children were sent to boarding house.

To the chapel we all went.
All the way making fun at the senior girls of Ajoke house.
As they had not yet taken their baths.
Thus could not put on makeup to disguise their morning facial features.

Iya Adenike was the minister that day.
Boy did we enjoy the praise session.

We started with a very melodious song.
*Jiji mo ji o baba. Mo wa fi ope fun oo...

This lyrics we jointly sang.
Senior Energy at the drums.
Punctuating every line with an emphatic gbim.
For he was a very energetic man.

To wear off the groggy looks worn by the students,
Iya Adenike switched to a song with a faster beat.

*Jesu ko ire daale. Ore.
 Jesu ko ire daale. Ore...*

At the start of the song, all students cupped their hands into imaginary basins.
Bending down to scoop our blessings in faith, even though it was empty air.

At the back of the chapel stood Iya Itunu.
The slim mother of the senior students was in a fit of laughter at our vigorous dance routine.

Within ten minutes, the dance finished
It was time for Iya Ajoke to take the morning preaching.

Oh! how softly did she speak.
Yet a powerful message she delivered.

She spoke on the need to love.
Who could blame her?

Apparently Itunu hostel boys were bullying the junior students in Taiwo hostel.
A development which had forced the proprietress to summon all matrons.

She spoke on the essence of holiness.
Apparently the senior students had a party the previous Saturday and had passed around the 'devils basket' during the party.

Devils basket.
That daring game that intrigued young minds like mine.
For it was our first exposure into the world of adult truth or dare games.

Within thirty minutes, the charge ended and we went back to the hostels.

It was time for cleaning up.
Iya Taiwo distributed the chores.

To Tunde, Gboyega and Kosi, she apportioned the front yard to be swept.
To Humphrey, Segun and Moses, she apportioned the side of the hostel to be swept.
To Wale, Anwo and Lukman, she apportioned the job of sweeping the back of the hostel.

Five minutes later, we trooped to the baths.
A laborious exercise that we all disliked at that time.
For Oye had come.
Those cold, windy harmattan winds that forced our teeth to chatter while our bodies shivered.

We hated those baths.

All except Ibrahim Anwo at least.
For he was Iya Taiwo's favorite as she always kept hot water for him to mix with the cold water.

Rrring Rrrriinnnng
The dining bells were ringing
Mamas kitchen was beckoning
Akara and Akamu (liquid pap) was calling out.

With increased vigor, we finished bathing.
All except Tunji.
For he only sprinkled water on his face and feet.

Within fifteen minutes, we were all seated in the dinning hall.
Chatter abounding as we lined up to collect the big Akara and pap.

A meal that never satisfied anyone.
Thank God for Iya Bimpe the kitchen staff.
For she always had Bomba (extra food) ready for me.

To the assembly ground we all went after the breakfast.
Mr Coleman Durin took the hymn of the day.

"God moves in aaa mysterious way, His wonders..."
These words he sang.
His deep voice resonating the hymn to the delight of the students.

Mr Yebuoah took the opening prayer.
That English teacher whose comedic theatrics always amused the students.

To be continued in later posts.
I sincerely do apologize that I could not explain the course of events in details.
This is because i only spent a year in Alade between 2003 and 2004.
However, please enjoy.

okonta kosi