FIMISILE (LEAVE ME ALONE)Against domestic violence

Pack your things and leave.
Carry your trash and go.
You have done enough.

The thoughts of you hurts
The sound of your Jordan boots bring fear.
The smell of your cologne reeks disaster
The sight of you speaks doom.

It is time for you to leave 

A treasured one she is
Priceless before her creator
Yet you dare strike her.


Have you no fear of God?
Have your brains taken leave of your skull?
That you cannot remember that He is your creator.

Have your retinas taken leave of their sockets?
That you cannot witness the ripple effects of your cruelty. 

Have your ears been boxed in?
That you cannot hear the agonizing screams from her mouth.

Are your eyes covered with a beam?
That you cannot see a fellow human being whimpering like a dog under your belt.

Indeed it is a truth
That a dog going astray never heed the hunters whistle.
For you are dancing with the devil.
A vigorous fanning of the embers of destruction. 

Like the voice of one crying in the desert,
I write to you today.

Cease your wicked acts before you cease to exist.
Bring down that belt before you are brought down in death.
Kill that pride of yours before you are killed by that bride of yours.
Flay that ego of yours before you are flayed by that ego (money) of yours.

To the women I write.

Leave that hurtful place before you are left in the house of mourning.
Caution your venomous tongue before you are cautioned.
Pray for your prince before you are preyed upon by your prince.

With a soft answer, wrath is turned away.
With a meek tone, anger sparks are quenched.
With Jesus as your foundation, EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT FINE

okonta kosi