Kere si mesi, odun de.
Odun olola.

A season of remembrance.
Eliciting avid memories of our deliverance.
Evoking the thoughts and purpose of His birth.

A season of love.
Into a sinful world, a saviour was born.
Unto a redemptive purpose, God came.
Upon the despicable humans, His mercies rained.
Into a chaos laden world, the Prince of peace. 

An arrival that transformed judgement to a courting.
That saved we all from falling.
That changed our hearts from sinning.
That forged our faith from doubting. 

A season of impartation.
For His birth ushered in life.
Rendering of our filthy garments.
Bartering His life to guarantee our victory.

A, despair halting, hope for the after life; His birth brought.
A, fear repelling, hope for tomorrow, His birth gave.
Incomprehensible joy to all, He brought. 

The angels rejoicing at the salvation of man.
The earth gladdened at the sight of the King of kings.
The cockrels, crowed with a cry of Hosanna.
The trees swayed and bowed at the tune of Heavenly timbrels.
The elephants shook the whole jungles with loud trumpeting of joy.
The lions roared in acknowledgement of the true Lion of the tribe of Judah.
The roses radiated a kingly aura.
The stars danced with reckless abandon at His first cry.

Unto Mary; a child was born.
Unto David; a promise was fulfilled.
Unto Israel; a king had come.
Unto Hell; a terror was born.
Over death; life had overcome.
Into darkness; light had shone.
Unto us; a saviour was born.

All ye heavy laden.
All who trudge the paths of despair.
All who whimper under the scourge of shame.
All who wander in the wilderness of fear.
All who have been felled by the traps of the enemy. 

Come and see.
Gaze on the cross and be free.
On this day I offer you a deal.
A confession to write off your bill.
A profession to keep you off the pill.
A progression confirmed with a heavenly seal.

The way; Jesus is.
The Truth; Jesus is.
Everlasting life; Jesus gives.

okonta kosi