More surer than 9jabet.
For He never fails to deliver when I call on Him.
More trustworthy than any okigbe or odi-eshi amulet.
For there is none greater than Him in battle.

More dependable than MMM when I am in need.
For His ears are never overloaded with prayer requests to prompt a 'temporary shutdown' of blessings.

Baba Olore.
Causing His blessings to rain on me like Didier Drogbas' goals against any Arsenal defense.
Causing His wrath to rain on my enemies like Magus' EFCC clampdown on PDP stewarts.

Baba Alanu.
Receiving erring children much faster than PDP recieves any frustrated APC chieftain.
The Way maker whom nothing stands in His way.
For He mows down obstacles like a newly sharpened clipper races through a stubborn hair.

Like Tekno, Mr Eazi and the Headies,
He caused my enemies to be inflated with pride.
Thus paving a way for me to recieve their blessings in turn.

My keeper, with whom my life is secured.
For my enemies become powerless at His presence like a mouse before a cat.

Like a home burgler sighted by a bystander,
My enemies tried to run away and return another time to wreck havoc.
Their end came swiftly.
For they writhed in pain before dying like an earthworm who mistakenly fell into a open jar of salt.

I have a father.
Almighty father who reigns forever more.

okonta kosi