My Heart...God’s Workstation

There is a place where only Jesus can completely fill up.
Only Jesus; no alternatives, no competitors, no rivals.
And that place is my heart,

I'll tell you why. It is because there is so much work to be done there and burdening the shoulders of a mere mortal with such a task will only lead to frustration and pressure to both parties.

Nothing on earth, no man can complete you the way Jesus does.
You see; He is just amazing and because Jesus now occupies his rightful place in my heart, I don't need any man's two minutes call to tell me how valued I am because the blood of Jesus on Calvary tells me I am priceless...just priceless.

Because of Jesus, I am complete(wanting nothing, lacking nothing, needing nothing). You see the Bible says "And (I am) complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power..." Colossians 2:10. I am not needy lady because Jesus Christ is more than enough.

I am not insecure because I know who and whose I am. So, I cannot try to tie any man down with a protuding belly or going to wash, cook and clean in his family house every Saturday. If he is gullible enough to let a priceless jewel like me go, it is his totally his loss. God is not a wicked God to cast his pearls before swines. You are complete! Can you say that to yourself loud and clear "I am complete!"

Yes, I am complete, so when I say "I do" to the very favoured man that will be my husband, it will not be because I need a man to validate my existence. At all! I am not Sleeping Beauty who will sleep a thousand years of her life away waiting for Prince Charming's charming kiss. Hehehehehe. Wait first, so, if that Prince Charming did not come, that's how she will continue her beauty sleep.

You can only enjoy a relationship/ marriage, male or female, when you have an uncomprimisable knowledge and understanding of how complète you are in Christ Jesus, else, you will burdening your partner with your neediness and instead of a pleasure haven, your home or relationship becomes a pressure cooker. You don't want, do you?

"My heart is God's work station; not my fiancé's not my husband's, not my family's but God's work station, so I will let only him have the key, so, he can open it to whoever he wills.
And this profound truth can only keep resounding in your heart when you continually abide with God in the place of continuous fellowship in prayer, and study of the Word!

"I am Complete in Him"!
Are you?

Oluwapelumi Obisesan is a multi talented young lady. A dexterous writer who has served as Editor-in-Chief for many publications.
She has "Just Before the Sun Sets", a book detailing the expectations and challenges of youth and youthfulness, to her credit.
Oluwapelumi is many things! You only need to meet her to find out. 

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