Alone I was,
Like the Leicester in the championship. 

Like Portsmount,
I wallowed in abject poverty.

Like Juventus,
I was rejected and termed a fraud by the whole world.

Like Atlectico Madrid before Simone,
The devil kept defeating me in a marginal scoreline.

Like Arsenal and the EPL title,
Trophyless became my curse.

Like the Jose Mourinho to Chelsea in 2013,
Jesus came into my life.
As a special one to my rescue,
His coming rejuvenated my career like Pirlo in Juventus.

Like Pep Guadiola sold Ronaldinho and Eto,
He threw away my old baggages to renew my life.

A freshness of purpose, He instilled in me.
Transforming my weaning attack into a dynamic force that could never be stopped.
For He brought grace (Suarez) and blessings (Neymar) to support His Mercies in my life.

Like 2004 Gunners,
I became invincible on my path to greatness.

Like Manchester United under Ferguson,
My enemies kept defeating me until the last minute.

For the God of Sergio Ramos kept rescuing me.
Taking me into the extra time wherein He routed them like Atlectico in 2013 Champions League final.

Like Chelsea in the second season under the *happy one*,
I fell off the wagon.

For the love of money,
I went back to obscurity like Lavezzi and Hulk went to Chinese league.

Thank God I am rejuvenated now like Chelsea under Conte.

Like Sevilla under a new management,
I am soaring high once again. 

Like Hazard after an abysmal 2014/2015 season.
I have rediscovered my joy and peace again.

Though I am not good enough like Cr7 to Messi.
He still crowns me as the best amongst my equals.

okonta kosi