The unfathomable God whose works no man can understand in entirety.
Indisputable to doubters.
Irrefutable in power.
Incomparable in worth.
Invisible to the human eye.
Inexhaustible in praise of His name.
Ineffable in description and composition.
Impeccable in nature and habitation.

Accessible to all creations.
Credible at all times.
Reliable in all seasons.
Unstoppable in battle.
Unfallible in strength.
Unimpeachable King of all creations.
Unflappable calmness emanating at all times.

His bountiful mercies are unexplainable
His manifold blessings are uncontrollable
His joy, transmittable.
His anger, terrible.
His love, inescapable.
His power, inimitable.

His purposes, legible.
His deliverance, verifiable.
His declaration, unretractable.
His commandments, non negotiable
His decisions, irreversible.
His gifts, non refundable.
His fortress, impregnable.

A date in His presence, Desirable.
Through Him, all creations are profitable.
In Him no things are miserable.
With Him all things are possible.

okonta kosi