BUTCHER: (Eulogies to the head of witches)

Eyin iya mi osoronga.
Apani ma wa gun olokiki orun
Alagbara ni yin now.
Show them wetin you carry. 

I am Adunni Tamotiye.

The honeybee that stings a man to death when life is sweetest.
That subtle kiss that poisons a man when he thinks the time for pleasure has come.
I am that wicked witch that uses a human chest to eat my eba, using the fleshy buttocks to season my stew and a skull to drink my cold water. 

Esu laalu ogiri oko is my beloved husband and we both laugh and cry blood when these pathetic humans cry tears.
I am indeed Adunni Tamotiye.

Sucking a baby out of the womb of the barren like juice out of the mango fruit.
Snatching a man's wealth before his very own eyes and plucking out that same eyes for no man ever sees the devil in stark nakedness and lives to tell the tale.
Prepare to meet your maker, you worthless christian.

CHRISTIAN: I know the God whom I serve. 

The mighty one of Israel. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
The lion of the tribe of Judah.
The mighty one in battle. The one who speaks and the earth shakes.
The one who demons tremble in His presence.
The I AM THAT I AM. The chief cornerstone who falls and destroys all stones while crushing all stones that fall on Him into dust particles.
That is my God.

HEAD OF WITCHES: Oti to. Mode yi (It is enough you child).

Where were you when obatanla and ogun gave the witches power to wreck havoc?
Where were you when Esu odara was crowned prince over the earth and darkness?
What do you carry that causes your mouth to run like a tap water?
What do you carry that makes your heart glad in the face of me, the chief slayer and drinker of blood?
What do you carry that makes your feet stand strong in the face of danger?

Instead of you having conversation with your heels and taking to flight, you stand there with your chest swaggering in the presence of adunni tamotiye. 

Oya gbaaaa
(Stretching forth her death dealing wand towards the Christian)

CHRISTIAN: I was absent at all those periods you mentioned but my God is the omnipresent. 

I have no knowledge about the modus operandi of your kingdom but my God is the omniscient.
I have no idea of the extent of your supposed powers but my God is the omnipotent.
Therefore AT THE NAME OF JESUS before which all knees bow and tongues confess, I every death curse to go and pay its sender the due message it was sent to deliver. 

(Lightning strikes the head witch and she dies).

CHRISTIAN: Praise be to God who continually showers us with mercy and grace.
Our shield and fortress who we can boast in at every turn of the day.
All praise be to His name for He has done great things.

okonta kosi