The last minute wonder.
The nick of time savior. 

At Hells door I lay.
A willing candidate for destruction.
For I had exhausted my wealth on the acquisition of wild pleasures. 

There, His grace found me.
Those amazing hands that dragged me back to life.
That love that fed me with the living waters.
That Jesus that transformed me into a living stone.
That Jesus that made me a holy nation.

The God of the last minute.

In total disarray, my life was.
At its lowest ebb, my joy was.
At its dying breath, my faith was.
At a crumbling state, my security was
With a firm padlock, my doors of favour was shut. 

I encountered many tragedies,
Tried many remedies.
Ran from pillar to post.
Huge debts, my purse grossed.
To the world, I became a ghost

At the nick of time.
God's favour came.
His blessings rained.
A new song, He put in my mouth. 

Olorun Sergio Ramos.
The God of the last minute changed my story.

okonta kosi