Here I am,
Standing in the dock once again.
For the evil one had sought and gotten an appeal of God's prior judgement. 

With his legal standing,
The devil named me as the respondent.
And initiated the service of progress by means of summons to the court.

A writ of execution, he seeks.
Citing my brief fling with sin as grounds for total revocation of my joy.

A writ of certiorari, he urged the judge to order.
For my advocate, Jesus, had proved in the trial process that He died for my sins.
This record, the devil wanted to use in pushing forward his argument for my destruction
For I had indeed backslidden and counted Jesus death for naught.

To the witness stand, he brought the spirit of Lie.
A vile spirit at whose sight my countenance fell.
For my mouth had failed to bridle its occupant, the tongue.

Mr Lie faced my Creator and Judge.
Listing all the soft and strategic lies I had told since being 'born-again'
Presenting transcripts with concrete dates and tapes as admissible evidence.

The second witness against me was Hypocrisy.
A hideous demon at whose presence I felt my innards melt.
For he was indeed going to drive in the nails to the coffin of my destruction with myself firmly held within.

Mr Hypocrisy started his account.
Weaving a true account of my two-faced lifestyle.

A staunch church goer by day and a thieving mission engaged in by night.
A firm critic of the adulterous pastor while i secretly slept with my co-workers wife in hotels.
A strong advocate for tithe paying while no percent of my income ever came into the tithe box.
A wreck I was inside, all the while portraying the appearance of a meek sheep.
These facts, Mr Hypocrisy listed as he vacated the witness stand.

With these facts,
The devil justified his rights of unlawful detainer.
For he had held back the blessings sent to my from heaven. 

With his trial brief in hand, he surged ahead.
Urging a swift demise of the previous mercy judgement.
Urging a swift judgement of damnation against me once more.
Citing Romans 6:23a as a treatise upon which my condemnation must be undertaken.

"What do you have to say against these accusations"
This question, the judge roared in my direction.

"Siirrr-rrr. I plead not guilty on grounds of self-incrimination"
This answer I stammered in reply.
For I knew I had no escape route to take.
My adversary had succeeded this time in his assault. 

To my redeemer I turned to.
To Jesus I faced once again.
My saviour, who I had wounded once more.
My advocate, whom I had scorned and disgraced through my acts.

"Shanu mi Jesu
Have mercy on me and plead my case once more"
Offering my heart once more as his retainer fee.
For my worldly riches counted for naught before Him.

Fully convinced of my genuine repentance, my advocate rose up.
In His mighty voice, He outlined the case for my defence.

Citing His boundless love for me as grounds to void this summon.
Citing the presence of my genuine humility and godly sorrow as grounds for a quash.
Citing Micah 7:8-9 as a treatise upon which the devil's unlawful retaining rights be revoked.
Citing Ezekiel 33:10-12 as factual evidences wherein the judge HIMSELF established excellency of repentance over judgement.
Citing Ezekiel 18:32 as a factual evidence wherein the judge HIMSELF established His preference of life as opposed to death.

With these arguments, my salvation was sealed once more.
A pardon was issued by the God Almighty.
The testimonies of witnesses  Lie and Hypocrisy were null.
The prosecutors case was thrown out.

Into my eyes my advocate said.

okonta kosi