Though my worship wasn't dope enough;
He still came and dwelt within.

Though my words were not eloquent enough;
He still heard my prayers.

Though I never gave enough;
He still continually showers me with grace.

Though I still find it hard in forgiving wrongs;
He still continually pleads my case before the father. 

Though I was shunned by the world;
He still remains my best friend.

Though I lacked the means to approach the Holy of Holies;
He shed His precious blood to bring the Holy of Holies into me.
For God's presence lives in me now.
A presence that always guarantees my victory over all.

'Far from worthy'
These words the world tagged me.
Yet He condemned me not.

'Born to fail'
These words the world tagged me while seeing me struggle.
Yet He changed my story like He changed Jabez's.

They took up stones.

The world took up weapons to kill me.
All for being caught while committing my sin publicly.
They dragged me before my God.

Hypocrites, they were,
They who committed their sins in private.
Sincerely hoping He would condemn me.
They never knew.
Never knew of His spirit that searches the hearts of men.

This is my testimony.
A crystal clear message to everyone who cares to know.

He saved me then and now.
He ransomed me then and now.
He redeemed me then and now.

Even though i am not good enough,
He still loves me now.

okonta kosi