Twale baba.
Your people dey hail your name.
Bokun Bokun na your mercies for our lives.
Yakata, na im your blessings dey fall from heaven.

Na fall devil be for wan fall our hand.
So so gbege na im we dey find ourselves.
Until you show.

Like area boy wey see soldier headlight,
Our enemies tear race commot.
Like LASTMA wey see Dangote truck.
Their head follow their leg reason well for race.

Na so we see am o.
Na so alert dey enter.
Na so crase begin worry our enemies.

Na so our pregnant women dey born full ground.
Na so book begin enter our dull head.
Na so customers dey enter without marketing.
Na so money dey multiply without MMM.
Na so we praise you.

Oga bros. Aunty.
Okpeke. Pikin.

Run go meet am o if you wan enjoy.
No dull yasef for this deal wey Him dey offer.

Him name na Jesus.
Bros J for short.
Correct paale for people wey dia papa don kpeme.
Confirm maale wey no go run if gbege enter area.
Because Him odi-eshi pass every other one.

Him name na Jesus.
And I like make you sef taste am too.
Make blessings full ya belle.
Make constipation of joy worry you well.
Make you sef follow us chop everlasting life.

okonta kosi