I can see.
Flood of tears streaming down your delicate face.
Your rosy life replaced by a topsy turvy one faught with failure.
Filled with disappointments that have deprived you of precious sleep.
Laden with bouts of miscarriages and recurring rounds of ailments.
I can hear;
The deep groans you utter in your anguish.
The whimper you wish to suppress every time the belt of your supposed better half touches you.
The deep breaths you take before going into the doctors office,
And the bitter cry when you are tagged unfruitful by your mother in law.
Nwa nnem.
Jide Chukwu Ike.
Move away from that bottle and make your way towards His temple.
With a little belief, approach His temple.
With a little strength, kneel at His feet.
With a genuine heart, thank Him for the times of plenty.
With a sincere heart, pour out your heart in prayers.
With a determined resolve, make a vow or seed offering to Him.
Naught more I can say.
Much more He can do.
For He is Jehovah overdo.
Surprising Sarah with a child in her old age.
Granting Esther favour in the sight of her peoples overlords
Using a little boy in David to bring victory to his nation.
Just believe auntie.
All will be well uncle.
He shall fight for you and you will hold your peace.

okonta kosi