(Inspired by McRhymes and his arabirin)
Booni baby.
Olorun ngbo, I fit die for you mata.
Like omo onile wey soldiers jam during transaction.
Your love just wan make me repent of my evil playboy activities.

Like naija politician wey win election finish,
I don plan to leave you immediately you open cookie jar for me.
Si tin gbo.
I no fit leave you again.
As you don add meaning to my life like ewa agoin wey jam early morning bread.

Baby gbagbe oshi.
I fit slap baba Alaye for garage if him just say you wowo one kain.
Onto say your real name na Okin.
King of all birds for beauty and worth.

Woli Arole talk say your ogo  (glory) na 20 terabyte.
Omo mi Pasuma wonder talk say you be the Ultimate wey pass Kwam 1.
Olori local rapper, Reminisce baba Hafusa, talk say everything about you is 2much.
Omo wa, wizzy lati ojuelegba, talk am say he fit die on top your mata sef.

If na phonetic you wan hear, I sabi am well.

Your love causes an eruption of joy within me that galvanizes with a sincere desire to love you to the end of time.
Thus I seek and desire for you to me mine.
I inquire and require your hands in marital union to unite our hearts and kickstart a newness of life and purpose in our lives.
Ultimately giving birth to the most brilliant offsprings who will cement our legacy of true love.

Shey na omo ina (omo yibo) language u wan hear?
A chorom ka gi...

Baby gbagbe that language.
All I wan tell u be say I love you. 

okonta kosi