(Inspired by GoldenVic and Ochukenyin)
Sweetie m.
Like container wey just land for port,
Your face brings boundless joy to my heart.
Like newly prepared ofe akwu,
Your presence has sweetened my life.
For my life has always registered a recurring cycle of sourness.
Like the news of Ojukwus exile to Ivory Coast to the igbo nation,
The sight of you left me dazed in my tracks.
Your voice is just like the sound of bank alert nne.
Always gentle and reassuring my fearful heart that all is well.
Odi ka Chukwu na cho gi o.
(It seems God is looking for you)
Because a sight of an angelic face like yours is very uncommon.
Odi ka gi ne ji honey sa cha ahu gi
(It seems you bath in honey)
Because you have positively added to my life without adding any sorrowful side effects.
Gi bu ihe m nacho
(You are the one I was searching for)
The Obiano, God sent to rearrange my messed up Onitsha looking life.
The Ikpeazu, God sent to clean up my Aba looking mess created by TA Orji looking devil.
The Okowa, God sent to beautify and revamp my dull Asaba looking life.
The shoprite that continually fascinates my localized Onitsha(ristic) mind
And the ubulu brown salt that seasons my soup and life perfectly when I am in turmoil.
Ka anyi je London,
Let me buy all the dresses from Harold to match your beauty.
Ka anyi je Italy Asa nwa,
Let me buy you all the Giuseppe Zanotti and to adorn your feet.
Ka anyi je Monaco,
Let me buy you all the Louis Vuitton and Gucci hand bags to grace your outfit.
Aha m bu Bashorun. And I love you nne

okonta kosi