Na so this people come o.

Say make we go meet aiyelala for security.
Make we go meet ogun for vengeance.
Make we go meet mama osun for pikin.
Make we go meet illuminati for moni.

We go sha.

Aiyelala try small.
Until we jam higher power for battle.
Power wey beat us like soldier wey dey beat civilian wey thief hin moni.

Ogun help us kill the person.
Then the medicine begin overwork.
As our family members begin die like fowl wey catch bird flu.

Mama osun give us pikin o.
Small pikin wey begin drink small stout at the age of six.
Wicked pikin wey turn boko Haram for the full area.
Devil pickin wey begin rape every girl wey he use eye see.

Illuminati kuku give us d moni.
Until them begin demand human blood.
Today na 3 virgin dem want.
Tomorrow na 19 he goat blood dey hungry them.

Until the moni begin bring problem.
Iyawo for house nor gree take in (pregnant)
Girlfriend for outside begin use charm to tie us down.
Winch for village begin envy our progress.
Male pikin turn gay.
Female pikin turn prostitute wey dey distribute her value for free.

We suffer abegi.

Until we jam one preacher like that.
The bros just yarn us gist about one Jesus.
Dey tell us say Jesu fit give us everything wey we dey find.

Unto sharp guys na.
Unto say we no go pay for this parole.
We say make we try am.
We nor kuku get anytin to lose.

People of God.
Better change jam our lives o.
Better tori begin commot for our mouth o.

Female pikin life don change.
Omo boy don begin show small signs.
Iyawo don take in with twins.
And I don stop to dey chase other women.

Hallelujah to God in the highest.

okonta kosi